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A trademark usually applies to a symbol or a word that is used by an individual or a business organization for the purpose of distinguishing its offered goods and services to be different from those of other entities. It gives the owner exclusive rights to control usage of the specified sign.

Registering for a trademark adds value to any business. It can be used to secure the owner’s market share by preventing others from profiting off it without legal consent. It may also be used as a marketing tool, by licensing or selling it to third parties for a certain value. can guide you through the whole process of registering for a trademark. We offer professional legal support that ensures the utmost protection and enforcement of your intellectual property rights.

Portfolio Analysis

Before the actual registration commences, we evaluate the grounds of refusal for the sign you want to be trademarked. We also provide a complimentary search in the trademark registry, so as to avoid oppositions in your application. Our portfolio analysis further involves the elaboration of your goods and services list. All these efforts contribute to the cost-saving and time-efficient registration of your trademark.

Registration Processing

Trademark Application
We organize the necessary documentation for the application, which includes the power of attorney and the confirmation of your goods and services list. Should we see any possible conflicts, we inform you immediately and provide our expert recommendation. Once you have approved the documents, we forward it to the Trademark Office along with the payment for fees.

From that point forward, we closely monitor every step of the application and inform you of its progress. For any opposition on the registration, we can offer you extended support so as to see the application through. Upon clearing everything and receiving the Trademark Certificate, we perform a final check before sending it to you. We will also give you advice regarding the overall usage and monitoring of the trademark.

Maintenance and Consolidation

After the registration is the important aspect of maintenance. This covers the management and consolidation of your trademark portfolio. We can inform you accordingly for any identical or similar trademarks registered by third parties. We can also help you keep track of your extension deadline, so as to avoid the expiration of your trademark. Should you encounter any legal issues along the road, such as another entity illegally using your trademark, we can offer you our legal expertise and represent you in court proceedings.


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